Axon Telematics focuses  on supplying high-quality data enrichment, data quality metrics, flexible reporting and driver scoring to the insurance industry.

Our solution enables Insurer's telematics programmes to grow and develop at IT start-up speeds.

The team allows our customers to achieve efficiency in their telematics operations by providing rich metrics and KPI’s that telematics professionals need at the time they need them.

Our vision is to use our combined knowledge to provide innovative, hybrid telematics solutions mixing cutting edge data processing and mobile capabilities to provide market leading ROI for our customers.


What makes us different?

Axon has been designed and built by an experienced team of both technical and insurance professionals within the telematics industry.

We start from your needs: our industry experts have delivered some of the most successful and bespoke connected programmes worldwide supporting the most diverse use cases. 

We are device agnostic: our data enrichment platform can combine telematics data from any device with contextual factors and cloud-based machine learning to generate fast, powerful and customised insights.

We operate through a single user-friendly interface: our customers can run multiple telematics and IoT devices, interrogate a large amount of data, and access dynamic crash reconstructions in real time with one simple API integration.