Axon Analytics

Axon has allowed us to retire tens of excel spreadsheets and free up hundreds of hours of employee time by automating key indicators that drive our business

Faster and more powerful insights

Axon’s driver scoring is built on top of the powerful geo-data collection, analysis and integration platform and enables our customers to realise significant improvements in the way their motor insurance products are priced.  It also allows allows quick identification of the biggest risks within a book.

The platform constantly monitors and quantifies driving behaviour and uses this data to power rich dashboards and reports so telematics operations teams are quickly aware of potential accident risks.  Our customers are able to take pro-active steps to mitigate the risk or provide feedback to their end users with fully branded apps and web portals.



The reporting engine is an intrinsic component of the platform. Any statistic or factor that is contained in the data feeds can be quickly added to a report and exported to other systems using common data exchange formats.  Reports can be run on an ad-hoc basis or scheduled to automatically run on a regular basis.

The Axon platform is built on top of a powerful Data Lake allowing Data Scientists to develop new queries in common data analytics languages and allows for massive scale analytics to be carried out quickly and easily.


FNOL / Crash Reconstruction

Telematics help reduce the frequency of crashes, but claims can still happen.  In the event of a crash,  Axon’s rich accident analysis tools ensure that the claims handlers are provided with real-time notification of accidents along with natural language descriptions of the accident timeline and a clear picture of where damage might have occurred and the level of injury that might have been sustained.

The powerful crash reconstruction and analytics suite provides intuitive tools that allow non-experts to quickly understand the key dynamics of the accident.  As a result, claims handlers have a significantly improved understanding of the crash and can quickly determine liability and responsibility for vehicle damage or personal injury.  

The platform also provides powerful visualisation tools allowing both technical and non-technical staff to quickly assess the rich data generated during a crash event.  As with all Axon's telematics data, crashes are highly enriched with weather, road conditions,  real time speeds at the crash location and posted speed on the road segment.

Using Axon’s in-house Smartfone + Dongle solution, claims teams can view full 3D animations of the vehicle motion during a crash as soon as it happens. This solution provides the richest reconstruction available in the industry.

The powerful analytics within the platform allow accident root causes to be regularly analysed over your entire book, with contributing factors such as time-of-day, road type, driver behaviour and weather clearly identified and understood.  This information can used to adjust pricing models ensuring pricing remains as accurate as possible.