Axon Lab

Axon Lab lead us to identify opportunities for improvement within our current solution and brought a deeper understanding of our drivers

Industry Expertise and Innovation Lab

Through a collaborative approach, our industry Experts help digital leaders make informed decisions to secure the right technology for their specific needs and develop truly bespoke solutions for customer acquisition, management and retention programmes.

New ideas can also be tested in a safe environment fast and with negligible investment.


Technology assessment

Our platform is already integrated with the majority of telematics and IoT devices. Our industry Experts help customers assess the technologies available in the market based on their real performance that has been tested in the axon Lab.


Data value generation

Axon can turn the huge quantities of historic data that already exist within the telematics industry into an extremely valuable asset, with in-depth analytics to be carried out and new models to be tested and proved quickly and efficiently.



At axon we don’t do off-the-shelf!

We start from our customers’ needs, we challenge ourselves and we come out with a way to deliver innovative connected solutions. In the axon Lab customers can discuss their use cases and generate new ideas that can be tested at start-up speed, enabling our Partners to keep abreast of technology developments and more importantly consumers' evolving demands.