Smartphone + Dongle

We were looking for an innovative product to move into untapped consumers' segments. Axon developed the perfect solution for us.

Innovation for mass market adoption

Axon's in-house smartphone and dongle solutions provide a flexible software platform for insurers to build customer acquisition and retention tools and a low-cost entry in to the telematics marketplace.  Apps can be fully tailored to your exact needs and our design team can ensure the app fits with your existing brand.

Compared with hard wired devices, smartphones do come with some compromises. Axon's solution either provides an effective way to mitigate those shortcomings or provides analytics and reports ensuring you can monitor the performance of your deployed apps. We believe that by understanding the compromises and monitoring performance, our apps can be a powerful tool in an insurer’s telematics portfolio.


The app has been designed to tightly integrate with the Axon data processing platform and provides a full range of statistics and feedback for each trip recorded by the app to be shown on the backend portal.  Feedback on trips is also immediately available after a trip is completed directly within the UI of the app allowing drivers to understand risky driving and quickly correct poor behaviour.

Core features:

  • iOS and Android support
  • quick time to market
  • fully autonomous data capture
  • low power usage

There are additional features within the platform for smartphone users allowing notifications and gamification to drive user participation and provide a framework for improving driver behaviour via the app.  These features can be tailored to a specific customers requirements to reduce unwanted traits and encourage specific behaviour by your drivers.



Axon telematics has designed and developed a small but powerful dongle that pairs with a smartphone using Bluetooth. The dongle provides additional sensors to the smartphone app enabling data quality on par with a traditional blackbox at a price-point that enables mass-market deployment of telematics.

Using the dongle with the app results in significant power savings for the users phone and opens up deeper analysis of driver behaviour using accelerometer and gyroscope derived data as well as offering insurers with full FNOL and crash reconstruction.