Powerful telematics platform

Driver Rating and Ranking

Explore a huge breadth of risk factors from your existing telematics deployment

Latest Big Data techniques allow allow enrichment of telematics data with contextual factors and cloud based machine learning enables huge data sets to be processed and analysed.

  • Multiple rating engines running simultaneously
  • Test and compare ranking algorithms
  • Automatic export of report data to your existing systems
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Smartphone + Dongle

Deliver highly accurate telematics data and detailed FNOL from a mobile phone

Axon's in-house smartphone application supports both Apple and Android devices and provides fully autonomous capture of driving data from a smart phone. Axon also provides a small dongle which works with the app to provide a higher level of data capture and support for full FNOL - all from a smartphone.

  • Supports 'Try Before You Buy' or active policy scenarios
  • Cost effective, self-install BLE dongle for Android and Apple devices
  • Fully supports detailed driver behaviour and FNOL
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Petabyte scale data processing

Industry leading data processing platform providing real-time statistics and reporting on your entire telematics book, irrespective of provider

Axon's proprietary data enrichment service uses detailed road statistical models with global coverage to deliver industry leading analysis of contextualized driver behaviour resulting in rapid identification of risk.

  • ISO/IEC 27018 compliant data centers with geographic choice of data storage
  • Big Data architecture allowing deep analysis of the Data Lake
  • Fully geographically redundant data storage
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